A good day from how to get up | “Time Management 100” 01

A proverb goes that, “Plan a day in the morning.”

Then, everyone, when are you guys getting up? Can you get up?

Thus, today, I’d like to add a line to the proverb, “While plan a day in the morning, plan a day when you get up!”

If you can get up, you can realize that “plan a day in the morning”.

Hello, today, we are going to talk about time management.

Many of the most successful leaders and celebrities have one thing in common. They’ve all managed to master a very important habit. That habit is getting up early in the morning.

The first habit to mastering time management is getting up early!

Successful people don’t just have good habits, naturally. They are also able to adopt the good habits that they see in others.

Perhaps you know of:

Zeng Guo-fan who once said, getting up is the basis for ruling a family.

Ben Franklin, the American founder on 100 dollar bills, wrote in his autobiography, that he lives his life from five-to-ten. That is he woke up each morning at 5am. And every morning, he would ask himself, “what should I do today?”

The president of Disney gets up at 4:30AM and not just during the week, but on weekends too. For him, there is no difference between weekdays and weekends.

This consistency is also a good way to keep good habits.

There is a Japanese man who wrote a book called:Getting Up at 4am. And another Japanese man wrote a bookcalled Magic of Morning Diary.

I’ve been writing diaries for 7 years, and without interruption for 4 years.

So, today, let’s talk about the critical problem of getting up.

I will talk about this important topic several times. But, today, I will focus on two things: how to get up and when to get up.

You may be wondering, how should I get up?

First, I believe we should get up without the use of an alarm clock.

Yes, we should not use an alarm clock to wake up.

So then, what is the best way to wake up?

Many people have also told me that they wake up in the morning by their bosses! No, they aren’t actually roused from sleep by their bosses. What they mean is that they wake up unnaturally because they must arrive at work on time. This creates stress and anxiety.

I have also heard that in the morning, you have no time to eat breakfast. You barely have time to shower and dress for the day. After all this, they declare that they can never prepare their day – there just isn’t time. They live their life in this way from day to day and year to year.

So, if when we get up is so important, then, what on earth should we use to wake us?

Not alarm clocks. Alarm clocks cause great damage to our health, because when most of the time alarm clocks rouse us from a phase of sleeping cycle called deep sleep which is not the optimal time to awake.

In fact, it’s best to wake up when the sun rises.

Now the sun rises at different times in different seasons in every city. So using an alarm clock will never be in sync with the time the sun rises. Therefore, we must program our bodies to wake with the sun.

There are several ways you can do this:

First, you can use curtains. Automatic curtains will be even better. If you don’t have automatic curtains at night, then leave your curtains open at night, This will allow the light to enter your room in the morning.

Your nervous system is comprised of two types of nerves – sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nerves tell your body to become active and alert and your parasympathetic nerves do the opposite, telling you to relax. When your body feels sunlight your sympathetic nervous system is triggered.

Becoming accustomed to waking by sunlight, is one of several key steps in the process of retraining your biological clock.

Sunlight only the first step in the process of waking the body. There are several things you can do to help continue the process of waking up.

You can use essential oils or fragrances. You can play relaxing music on your alarm clock.

You can also change the way you shower. Bathe with warm water starting at the feet and slowly letting it come in touch with your legs, to your upper body, and then, to your head. While doing this, think about colors, and those colors becoming lighter and lighter to the top of your head.

Then, say to yourself: thank you; that you are happy to welcome this new day; that nice things are coming.

When you have gone through lights, fragrances, shower and colors, you will not just be awake but fully awake through your whole body and truly ready to start your day.

The sun rises at different times throughout the four seasons. We can become in tune with the sun’s rise to wake up more naturally.

What should we do in the morning once we are fully awake?

We will share it next time.

Have a wonderful day.