First, 7 questions in the morning

First, 7 questions in the morning:

What is my goal today?

What is my ultimate goal in life?

What is the most important thing today?

How do I get along with people around me today?

What new knowledge do I have to learn today?

What kind of mood do I have today?

How am I doing better today than I did yesterday?

Second, the night 7 thinking:

Did I complete my small goal today?

How far am I from my big goal?

What is good for me today?

How can I do better?

Do I have to go all out to do things today?

What is my goal tomorrow?

Third, the 7 big life beliefs:

Today, I am starting a new life!

I am the best, I must succeed!

I face everyone with a smile!

I love my career, work, family and friends!

I must make a little progress every day!

I want to act now, never delay!

I want to stick to the end, never give up, until success!

Fourth, 7 big self reminder:

People live for their dreams, not for the fame and fortune of money!

Your heart has changed and your world has changed!

Never give up on the pursuit of success!

To make things better, let yourself be better!

Handle your mood first, then deal with things!

Failure begins with your abandonment!

Be serious, be quick, and go all out!